Minggu, 01 Desember 2013

(Since December) How to Walk and What to Keep

Hello December...

As the end of the year of 2013, you mean so much to me as a month.
I will start my new journey, I mean pre-journey of my life.

Since now,

I have to learn how to walk my life with someone else's mind
I have to accept the one whom I chosen to be my husband-will-be who's starting his role as a part of my life
to be a team...until he really as my husband and..keep it forever.

I aware, as a TEAM,
There will be no 'I' or 'You'
Because as a team,
There will be just 'We' or 'Us'

I know, it will be not an easy thing
But I wish, we could make life as simple as we can do together.
I don't have any idea before about receive another idealism as mine too
But , we always have to trust each other to face the future in the middle of differences that we have.

These are my wishes on him...

My husband-will-be,
Man, Please...
Don't walk in front of me, because I can't see what you see 
Don't walk behind me, because I can't walk without your direction
But, just walk beside me... then, 
I can learn how you walk the step well and I can fix my step with your step to be a similar step

Time is running
We passed every bad things behind to start what goods ahead

I don't want to make the cool things and warm things are crossed each other
Keep our mind cool
Keep our heart warm..
Thing's always will get better, dearest...


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