Kamis, 07 Agustus 2014

Amazing Pregnancy

Being pregnant is amazing...

We couldn't describe about the feeling
moreover when the baby inside start to have his kicking, swallowing and another
movements just like one of first communication point between us and him.

A mother-to-be should have ready for any new symptoms along pregnancy
that's depends on each person
I really thankful to Allah SWT who's make everything to be fine.

I passed every step
Although not always good but always as the normal thing

1st trimester.. with the morning sickness, I don't even couldn't imagine how bad the nausea along it.
Being addict by the pills to reduce the nausea every day.
I was so strange in that time because my ups and downs emotional... good and bad mood.
Rejecting some foods and baverages.
That's really not like me.

Now I'm on 2nd trimester..
Everything better when morning sick is only as a past
But I can't control my desire to eat much.
It increased my weight significantly but that's good 
I'm happy to know
And my baby is growing well...
by the latest USG, he even move lively
And his kicking is being more each day
I  really happy...

 With Love

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