Kamis, 21 Agustus 2014

Happy Birthday, my husband...♥

I've just awake in the middle of the night... hm, no.. it just passed the time I've planned to wake you up this very early morning...
I thought to take the surprise cake that I've prepared from the day before. But when I saw your face...you really have a tightly sleep...
So peaceful.
I can't stand of my heart to let you to sleep
I decided to let you sleep till the morning come... so, you can have an enough rest. Because I knew that tomorrow you are still have many tasks to do on your work...

It's August 21th 2014
You are turning to fourty years old
I have so many wishes for you and I'm sure that Allah will approve all the wishes.
I really sure.

I see your face on your slept, I' ve just realize that I love you.
It's not because I choose you for me to live with but Allah did.

I Feel nothing's different that caused by the distance of the age.
Because all the human is same on Allah's sight.
But the fact is nobody's perfect
You and me... no matter our differences. We're just have to make a deal with our each imperfection because each of us also have our own book life. I saved our each personal memories and experiencea.
My book and your book.
But since our wedding vow, no more them...
We will create our book. A brand new book.
That we write it together.
About our stories and new memories...
For being a part of me and so do I as a part of you.

I Hope to accompany you for the rest of my life...

Growing old together
With our children-to-be.
Because, I really love you for the sake of Allah...

Happy Birthday, my husband...♥

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  1. Thank you my lovely wife, Ratu Intan Yuniar.
    You are the best thing in my life.
    I am very proud to have you and always be grateful to Allah SWT.
    I will always standing by your side, to protect you and our family
    I am working harder to keep us happy and enjoy this new life.
    To grow up life together