Rabu, 24 Juli 2013

Past Mistakes, Guide Me, Do not Define Me.

Three times in life,
Past, Present and Future…
Past is about memories to learn, Present is time to have effort  to be a better one in future.

I was built on my own failure
I use it as a stepping stone
I try to close the window of my past
I will not forget the mistakes I ever done but
I have no thought to dwell on it
I just do not let all of them have any of my energy, any of my time and any of my space

I am not going to suffer because of regret
realize that I made in past
I shall to show the world  that
I was not the old me
I do greater than what we call it ‘used-to-be’
I cannot undo any wrongdoing from my past
I cross out all of them and don’t let them belong to my present and future
I believe that everything happens for a reason
I don’t think to fix all of them, sometimes
I start over and create something better new
I view my life with kindsight
I stop beating myself

Believing myself and the journey that I ran to
No matter how many of ‘em,
I destined to live in even what sort of difficulties that I struggle

Sometimes it looks like I never move on
I’m learning the process
I’m trying to avoid to place the mistakes on my head because their weight will crush me
I’m placing them under my feet to use them as my platform to direct my step forward
When a door closed! Another doors are waiting to be opened!
We will don’t know the true value of life until it’s become a memory.
Just appreciate them to learn.

Dear Past…
Thank you for all the lessons you’ve brought.

Dear Future…

I’am ready.

-With Love-

2 komentar :

  1. Kau jaga selalu hatimu saat jauh dariku, tunggu aku kembali

    Ku mencintaimu selalu, menyayangimu sampai akhir menutup mata


  2. *blushing* Insya Allah.. sure..